Modernist Islamic Architecture: Toward preserving a migrant past

MakeSpace Architects is a London-based firm whose work specializes in private and social housing, as well as community buildings. Much of the community work focuses on the development of mosques and Islamic centers. Besides designing and building the structures, MakeSpace aspire to develop a new architectural language based on what indigenous, British Islamic architecture, in their eyes, should be.

The firm’s founder and director, Shahed Saleem, is a modernist architect who believes in preserving heritage, he is also in the process of writing a book about the history of mosques in Britain for the National Heritage Commission. His modernist ideals and concern for heritage preservation may come across as a dichotomy, but his aim to use architecture to address British Muslim communities looks at historical background and religious identities while assessing the present and looking at the future, ultimately rooting this heritage as a British one, rather than a foreign or migrant one.

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