Map of Mosque incidents & attacks between 2012-2013


In January this year one of our members gave a speech about the Lee Rigby murder and how it was a vehicle being used by unknown extremists to create a racial divide between people in the UK.

These people wanted this horrendous murder, to cause the maximum possible impact and to generate a backlash against law abiding Muslims living throughout the UK. Two men have been found guilty of this murder, but their teachers and instructors, who forced those twisted teachings upon these men, will perhaps never face justice.

The Tell Mama organisation recently released the above chart which shows that the clustering of attacks and the serious nature of them reflects a period in which hate incidents and attacks were coming in at a significant pace when compared to pre-May 2013.

This is a sombre reminder that despite the pleas of the Rigby family and concerted efforts from groups like ours to explain and show how this act had nothing to do with the teachings of Islam, that we are currently in a losing battle between two groups of extremists, those that pretend to love and protect Islam and those that hate Islam.

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