[Live Prayers] Friday Khutba – 8th March 2013 – What is Hell Part Two

We have now changed the way we broadcast our live khutbas every Friday. We will not longer be embedding the video here on our site, but you will need to visit our new host website on LiveStream.

Todays broadcast, starting at 12.30pm UK GMT, can be seen via the link below;


Please note the video will automatically appear on the page at approx. 12.30pm UK GMT.

3 thoughts on “[Live Prayers] Friday Khutba – 8th March 2013 – What is Hell Part Two

  1. As Salaam Alaikum,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We stream the live Friday khutba in the lowest quality so that as many people as possible can watch. For reference the minimal speed you need is 0.5mb download on your broadband connection to watch smoothly.

    We are trying to post a podcast (audio file) along with every video we publish, if you look at some of the latest posts you will see we embed these via a service called SoundCloud. These are very small files and hopefully you will be able to listen to the service instead.

    We are trying very hard to find a service which will mean we can also publish the full text of all the videos we produce ourselves. We hope we can have something in place in the next few months.

  2. Sirs,
    You are doing a good job by posting live Friday sermons and other videos online. The only problem is some of us don’t have a speedy net connection and are having difficulty in watching or downloading them.
    Also some of these are in Urdu which most of us in this part of the world(Keral State of South India) don’t understand fully. My request to you therefore is to publish these speeches in the print format as well.

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