Live Broadcast: June Community Meeting

On the first Sunday of every month we open up the doors of our Mosque in Wembley for our ‘Community Meeting’.

This is, as always, a gathering which is open to all people, Muslim or not, and is a chance for people to come along and join in with our efforts to show the true message of Islam, or just to meet new and interesting and have a free hot meal.

Today Mr Ross Mahmood will be the main speaker and his topic of choice is ‘Prayer, our Deliverance’. This will be followed up with a short speech by Shayaan Ahmad who is one of the many younger followers in our Jamaat.

We will be live broadcasting the whole event, as usual, and you can watch and even join in with the question and answer section if you wish, by typing your question in the ‘chat box’.

Our programme starts at 3pm BST (British Summer Time). To watch and interact with us all you need to do is click here.

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