Limitations of Human Knowledge

In the video below we look at three verses from chapter 2 of the Holy Quran, which deal with the infinite knowledge and unlimited power of Allah and how these relate to man’s acquisition of knowledge of this world and his power over it.

The first verse is 255 in chapter 2, the verse known as Ayat-ul-Kursi. Within it there is a short sentence telling us about the limitations of human knowledge.

The second is verse 258 which relates how Abraham defeated his king in an argument about who has power over life and death.

The third is verse 260, in which Allah answers Abraham’s question about how God’s power of giving life comes into operation.

The quality of the recording is poor due to technical issues on the day of filming.

2 thoughts on “Limitations of Human Knowledge

  1. Excellent speech and I was able to watch the whole thing on my mobile.

    Please Provide the Podcast so I can download and listen again in my car.

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