Jewish and Muslim unity

Bradford Synagogue

We’re constantly bombarded by implicit and explicit images of the relationship that Jews and Muslims supposedly have in today’s world. We are bombarded with the cliched reminder that we “used to get along” but recently have become enemies. We’ve almost become used to it, accepted it as some sort of reality. And, ironically, all these “interfaith” events can often cause us to feel even more disconnected. They just don’t seem as genuine as a true connection. It would seem the only people you would need to show such “unity” with is people you don’t get along with.

Jewish-Muslim relations always get a bad press. In the link below have posted just a few examples of how members of each community have helped each other. It all started at the advent of Islam when Jews would flee the Christian persecution in Europe and seek sanctuary under Muslim rule. But such help is not ancient history. Muslims saved Jews during the Holocaust, a Muslim raised funds for a Synagogue so that Jews in his area didn’t have to travel 10 miles to pray – the list may be endless.

Original Source: 10 images of Jewish Muslim unity that go beyond the headlines

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