Israeli teacher sends students image of Arabs in graves

The Israeli Government often accuses the Palestinians of teaching extremism to the youth in schools. To hate Israel and Israeli people.

So how will officials react to this teachers gross actions, as reported by

a high school teacher in the city sent a group of students an image of a Muslim cemetery with the caption, “In times like these, it’s important to remember there are also good Arabs! And they can be found here.”

The teacher sent the image on Wednesday to a group of 11th and 12th graders via the social messaging service WhatsApp, Ynet reported.

Will this teacher be dealt with as swiftly and harshly as the Israeli Government deal with Palestinians? It seems not as the Education Ministry reminded us all;

it should be noted the teacher apologized to his students and expressed regret for his actions.

They will contunie to follow the case to ensure the correct disciplinary measures are taken.

Perhaps the Israeli Government can learn some lessons from their Education Ministry and look to use the same measured response with everyone…

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