Islamic Law & Christian Persecution

The persecution of Christians is “the greatest story never told in the Western media” and “the vast majority of serious anti-Christian violence is carried out in the name of Islam,” according to Ed West in an article for The Spectator.

Earlier this month, MPs raised concerns about the plight of Christians in the Middle East during a debate at Westminster Hall, highlighting that in relation to Christian persecution virtually every country in the region reported “suffering of either high, high to extreme or extreme suffering.”

Faith Minister Baroness Warsi said in a recent speech: “A mass exodus is taking place, on a Biblical scale. In some places, there is a real danger that Christianity will become extinct.”

Muslims in the Middle East talk a great deal about the rights and freedoms they give to ethnic and or religious minorities. They speak of protection of minorities and freedom of worship.

This article, linked below, shows that this is anything but the truth and that Muslims are driving such a level of discrimination against minorities that soon there could be none left.

Original Source: Christian Concern

One thought on “Islamic Law & Christian Persecution

  1. I understand the concept is to hate my comments on your website so I have made it a policy to stay from posting my comments there.
    I have Sunni aqaid and I maintain we are a Sunni group and not Ahmadiyya in intent, only because of adverse circumstances existing in India at that time was our mentor allowed to adopt the opinion of a sect, however his views were mainstream in their entirety.
    We are a sect if we wish to be. I know this is complex as we now expect a reversal of our previous stance of maintaining a separate opinion from the mainstream.
    We are the mainstream view in the future and we should adopt that role as the mainstream Sunni opinion in the future and not relent when we are called a sect, as a sect is only pleased with what it has. We should be held accountable if we do that as we are the leaders in intellect in the world today due our role as reformers of both faiths of Islam and Christianity.
    We should maintain we are the mainstream viewpoint in Islam as our data supports that view. There is no record of us ever being contradicted in court proceedings in regard to our views in the religion of Islam and otherwise, unless unverified data is allowed to be published.
    I suggest I lead the groups ideology henceforth as I am a leader in the intellect of the group.
    I also suggest you allow me leeway in bringing the rest of the group of our jamaat of Muslims into the fold of Islam as they some heretical concepts I will elucidate there to their group in court documents of merit, inshallah. Omar

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