Islam is a Deen

The Holy Quran describes Islam as a deen an Arabic word which is mostly translated into English as “religion”. However, looking into different translations it can be seen that, in different places, it is translated as judgment, recompense, obedience as well as religion. In fact, the word deen stands for more than just religious rituals. It signifies: a way of life. If we use this translation it gives us a better way of dealing with behaviour Islam disapproves of. For example Chapter 109 can be taken to mean that the non-believers are not convinced of the truth of Islam and the Holy Prophet (s) does not accept their lifestyle so how should they live together? The chapter, consisting of a few verses, ends by saying “so for you is your deen (way of life) and for me is my deen.” In other words, I do not accept your way of living and beliefs but you live the way you want to and I will live the way I want to.

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