Islam Discriminates Against Non Muslims?

The UN has named 21st March as non-discrimination day. Islam was the first religion to be based on equal treatment for all.

The Holy Quran starts by telling us that Allah bestows His favours on all equally regardless of the person’s colour, creed or belief. Allah tells Muslims to emulate His example – colour yourselves in My colours He says. No other faith does this and yet Islam is still regarded as discriminating against non-Muslims.

9 thoughts on “Islam Discriminates Against Non Muslims?

  1. I have emailed these guys in the past to info at (replace ‘at’ with @).

    They used to have an excellent weekly post called ‘ask the VM’, which gave excellent information on Islam. Unfortunately they have not posted these for some time.

  2. Also, I was wondering if there was an email address where I could send questions I might have upon my research and learning? It would be most helpful.


  3. Virtual Mosque,
    I would like to say thank you for this site. I am new to learning about Islam and find your site to be a great and valuable resource. I have been dating a Bosnian Muslim for about 1 1/2 years (in USA). Even before meeting him I never had any negative thoughts about Islam. I have enough common sense to know that the terrorists that have given your religion a bad name are not following the original beliefs of Islam and are extremists who interpret your religion how they see fit and not how it was intended. Also Islam is not the only religion plagued by this problem. All races and religions have bad seeds. We don’t go around saying all Catholic priests are child molesters because of the several stories that have come up in the media the last few years.

    I know you must get a lot of hateful people on this site but know that although hateful people always seem to be the most vocal they do not speak for the majority. Don’t let their insecurities bring you down.

  4. I see you removed my comment on human rights and equality. Figures. TRUTH HURT??
    Why are Muslims so fragile in their faith that they can’t take constructive criticism or hard questions without resorting to censorship or rioting and murdering??? We all know why, because your faith is fragile! Now, why is that?

  5. I’m quite amazed you can state ‘Islam was the first religion to be based on equal treatment for all’ when the islamic law has provisions to keep non-muslims from positions of power in an islamic civil society; the various treatments for muslims or non-muslims with regards to Shariah, etc, etc…

  6. Well, tell me this, how is someone being a ‘dhimmi’,with different, humiliating laws placed upon them in an Islamic state, equality?

    Furthermore how is a woman placed under different laws as well in an Islamic state, equal??

    Sorry, it doesnt add up.

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