Islam Conversion Issue

Yuvan Shankar Raja quits Twitter after being abused by his followers. The music director’s post on his decision to follow Islam has not gone well with a section of his fans. Their negative feedback has made the Illayaraaja’s son to bid goodbye to the social networking site. He had announced last Sunday (February 9) that he was following the Islam on Twitter. His statement had surprised many. While it did not have an impact on the majority of his fans, a section of followers opposed his decision ‘to convert to the Islam religion’. His faith and belief were questioned and was abused by them.

People accuse Islam of being an intolerant religion. They point to the poor treatment of those who convert to other religions from Islam and, rightly, deplore it. But, as the article below shows, when converts to Islam are subjected to harassment and threats there is usually silence and even agreement with those that are being intolerant and threatening.

Original Source: OneIndia

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  1. Considering the treatment of Christian missionaries who were burnt alive by Hindus, destruction of the Barbri mosque and aim to replace it with a temple, murder of the Muslims of Gujrat by Mr Modi – the current front runner for the Prime Minister of India; no one should be surprised.

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