Is it one rule for the Hindus and another for the Muslims?

From The Guardian

So why was the imams’ letter a reason for Rahman’s election being voided but Patel’s letter not a reason for Cameron’s election being voided? Like Patel’s letter, it contained no sense of threat, nor implication of any spiritual consequences for those who chose to vote otherwise. Yet, in an astonishing display of double standards, the imams’ letter was used to void an election result and Patel’s letter has passed with barely a mention. So maybe this is, deep down, really about Islam. For just like English attitudes towards Catholicism in the 19th century, English attitudes towards Islam often regard it as some malevolent and foreign power, requiring exceptional legal treatment – including silencing at election time.

“Why are all the free-speech humanists so quiet about this?” asked Conor Gearty, professor of human rights law at the LSE. And the answer is probably that many of them dislike religion more than they support free speech.

Whilst the Lahore Ahmadiyya UK Jamaat was imploring Muslims to vote, in the recent General Election, and to become an integral part of the political system in the UK, we and many others were and are being undermined by those who claim to value democracy and free speech but who infact would shun those values to stop any perceived Islamic influence on this country.

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