Imran Khan fails before he has even begun

Imran made it clear that he believes in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and added that those who support the Qadianis are neither Muslims nor can they be protected under the set-up of an Islamic state.

The above statement from Imran Khan is a damning indictment of his pledge to reform politics in Pakistan. It seems he is just as afraid as everyone else of the Sunni religious powers in the country and in a desperate plea to them, to help win the election, has declared that Qadianis’ will have no place in his Pakistan!

2 thoughts on “Imran Khan fails before he has even begun

  1. I support Imran Khan opinion that the Qadiani Jamaat in Rabwa should be opposed in matter of finality of Prophet Mohammad, peace of Allah be upon him. He has my support since he has publicly disavowed calling us Non Muslims. I will support him in his future endeavors to lead the Nation as long as he maintains that position about the group that I support.

  2. The reference is not quite complete. IK qualified it, in a further interview, saying those who do not believe the last Prophet to be Muhammad, peace be upon him, he does not consider them to be Muslims and what is in the Pak Constitution will remain. Now, the view is quite concurrent with our view, although I feel the Lahori Jamaat should be differentiated in the Constitution as “believers of Prophet Muhammad to be the last Prophet and no prophet will come ever after”.

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