Hijab Liberated Me: Model

“I crumbled time after time…I picked myself up just to crumble all over again,” she said.

This all changed when she received an offer to parade in the hijab for a commercial casting a few months ago.

At this moment, Yeap felt “liberated”.

She now feels “happy, protected and safe” every time she dons the hijab.

Though Yeap has not converted to Islam so far, she started to skip fashion shoots that makes use of her body.

There is much criticism in the West of women wearing the hijab. It is true that women should not be forced to wear it and that Islam enjoins modesty on both men and women.

The experience of this model from the Philippines shows that women who of their own free will use modest dress feel safe rather than play things for men. Exhibitionism also does not free women on the contrary it degrades them.

Original Source: On Islam

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