God & Allah are different

I would advise caution here. It is true Muslims worship one and merciful God. However, this sentence suggests that the two conceptions of God are equal. Yet in Christianity God is the Trinity in its essence, plurality united by love: He is a bit more than just clemency and mercy. We have two quite different conceptions of the Divine One. Muslims characterize God as inaccessible. The Christian vision of the Oneness of the Trinity emphasizes that God is Love which is communicated: Father-Son-Spirit, or Lover-Beloved-Love, as St. Augustine suggested.

Sometime ago we published news that in Malaysia some clerics have been upset by use of the name Allah by the Christians.

This development was roundly denounced around the World, and we also provided evidence to show why. What doesn’t get publicised though are the debates Christians have on similar issues.

In the link below is a debate among Catholics regarding whether the Pope was correct to say that God of Islam and God of Christianity are the same. It seems that many Catholics believe that they are different. If that is the case then should they be using the name Allah for their Divine Being?

Original Source: The American Catholic

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