Germany celebrates 90 years of the Berlin Mosque

Berlin Mosque

The Berlin Mosque, known to many as the ‘mini Taj Mahal’, was the centre of celebrations over this weekend, as people from all over the World came together to celebrate the buildings 90th year.

More than 90 years ago a handful of people belonging to the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isaat islam based in Lahore in, then India but now Pakistan came together with a grand vision to build the first official Mosque in the centre of Europe. It’s aim was to preach that Islam is a peaceful religion and it does not need to be spread by force of arms but by the beauty of its teachings.

A special commemorative magazine has been put together which details the full history of the Mosque from its early inception to how it survived World War 2, and how women had a leading role in restoring the building to the beautiful building you see today.

Read or download the magazine here

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