Galileo of Islam

“one of the foremost muslim scholars of India, actively involved in making Islam known to the west”

The article below is a brief sketch of the history of the Ahmadiyya Movement. Part of this sketch is illuminating as it deals with the influence The Promised Messiah had from New Zealand to the US.

The distinguishing feature of his work was that he concentrated on positive work although unfortunately Sunni Muslims did their best to detract him from it by raising irrelevant and unimportant issues.
He co-operated with The Liverpool Mosque Movement in the UK publishing free advertisements and appeal for help for their magazines. He wrote to newspapers and journals world over claiming salvation of humanity lies in Islam.

Two examples of his efforts are published here: that of trying to promote the cause of Islam in the US and in New Zealand. If only non-Ahmadi Muslims had followed the course the Promised Messiah chartered, Islam would now be a well established religion the world over.

The article can be read here

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