Live Khutba Prayers – 18 October 2019

Jummah Mubarak dear Brothers and Sisters. Welcome to the VirtualMosque Jummah broadcast from our Mosque in Wembley, UK.

You can follow along on our livestream on YouTube. You can also watch live on Facebook by clicking here.

If you are not able to access the links above, then you can listen, on the embedded radio station below:

This live service is for those of you who are unable to attend a Mosque in person today, and for our Jamaat members who are spread across the World.

The Lahore Ahmadiyya Association are dedicated to spreading the true message of Islam – A message of peace, patience, and tolerance.

21 thoughts on “Live Khutba Prayers – 18 October 2019

  1. Hi its such really great service but i was shocked today, As in pray how you forget the sure Al-fil and done such a silly mistakes in prayer as a Muslim I can do only Dua for you that you need to work on your prayers 1st and please bring proper Imam or Qari and also in prayes 3 Three sajdas?? also dont understand this Allah app ko Hidayat de Ameen.

  2. A very appropriate kuthba after seeing the news in the last month with sexual harassment of women. Interestingly Islam is accused of infringing the rights of women but now the truth comes out. The bible says the truth shall find you out.

  3. Never have I heard such an exposition of the concept of colours in the Holy Quran.

  4. How refreshing to hear a well researched piece of literature. Never have I heard such an exposition of the concept of colours in the Holy Quran. Well done.

  5. Salam the brother, i wait impatiently the sermon, may Allah forgive our sins.

  6. It’s great to see how Islam should be followed, with true meaning.

    Without the cultural, and cast system.

    Thank you for Sharing

  7. Very interesting. Really thank you very much for all the effort you make for the cause of Islam. May Allah bless you.

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