France’s anti-terrorism laws leave Muslims in a state of fear

From The Verge:

Marie isn’t the only one looking for answers. There has been a steady stream of similar stories in the French media since President François Hollande implemented a state of emergency following November’s terrorist attacks in Paris, which killed 130 people. The laws, which were extended for three months in November, give security forces expanded powers to conduct warrantless house raids, seize personal data, and place people on house arrest — all without authorization from a judge. Thousands of raids have been carried out at homes and businesses, and hundreds of suspects have been placed under house arrest on what some say are tenuous grounds. A UN human rights panel, Amnesty International, and other rights groups have condemned the state of emergency laws, but Hollande’s administration has shown no signs of backing down.

Amar Toor reports on the story of Maria, a French Muslim who was subjected to a terrifying raid on her house due to her religion. Thousands of other  people have endured similar violations and threatening behaviour from the police.

It may not be in their constitution but in France being a Muslim is a criminal offence.