Forced Marriages & Islam

Does Islam allow forced marriages?

Forced Marriages in the light of the Quran (Ch 30 verse 21), hadith and fiqh

Forced marriages are in the news again because the British government has passed a law making it a criminal offence to force a person to marry another. We applaud and fully support these efforts.

In this khutba we look at what Islam has to say about such marriages. We show that the Holy Quran gives the purpose of having a mate as to provide peace of mind and love. A forced marriage would hardly result in peace of mind or love between the parties. Hadith also clearly shows that the Holy Prophet (s) regarded ‘forced marriages’ void. The leading jurists also give the same opinion in their books.

Therefore this new law which was passed by the British Government is simply following what Islam already tells us, as Muslims, to do.

Don’t like video? Then you can listen to the Podcast below.

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