Eye spy with my little eye – The Sunni lie


The Sunni “ulama” have been caught making up more stories about the sighting of the moon with the eye, when science tells us that it is impossible.

In this case in Birmingham in the UK on the 10th August 2010 the sighting was claimed as being seen after 9.00pm, but the sunset was at 8.50pm and the moonset was at 8.35pm!

The “Ulama” are insistent that their observation is correct because it was carried out according to Islamic shariah, and that those who reported the sighting are:

“All three brothers are mature, responsible, sane, adhering to Shariah rule, with fully grown beards, sunnah clothes, ashaabe tartib of salaat, never had any court proceeding or criminal record, possess good vision and never had to wear spectacles for near or distant vision.”

The question we must ask Muslim leaders is, which is right: the scientific verdict or the result of sighting by eye comforming with so-called Shariah?

The sad thing is that rather than accept the mistake they insist they are correct, despite it being physically impossible!

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