Evolution and Islam Part 1

An Imam at a mosque in the East End of London has been threatened and abused for giving a lecture in which he said that the theory of Evolution does not necessarily contradict the Holy Quran.

In this series of khutbas I hope it can be shown that this imam was correct. People forget that there are two parts to evolution. There is the evolution of the universe and human evolution. And although each needs separate treatment. However, the basis of evolution is development.

The first khutba sets the background for evolution is describing what is called the scientific method and how science develops its theories to explain observation. In the second one, I hope to deal with evolution of the universe and the last one human evolution.

2 thoughts on “Evolution and Islam Part 1

  1. Thank you for your suggestion. We will keep it in mind. I hope you find Virtual mosque useful and will continue to let us have your valuable suggestions.

  2. As Salamu alaikum, Brother.I appreciate the well organized attempt to bring understanding of what has been understood to be by many teachings of school books and in the news as a necassarily conflicting belief system where evolution is a foundation for atheism and religion supposedly wholly gives the creation to he spoke it into existence. I hope that you will include in the next series how Allah emphasises us to question and contemplate on the creation. Jazakullahkaira

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