European Leaders Feared Islam State

The West is always telling Muslims that they are too sensitive and prone to believing conspiracy theories. When Muslims said that the West did not want to help Bosnian Muslims because they didn’t want a Muslim state in the heart of Europe, we were told not to be stupid.

European leaders extolled that they are humanitarians and that religion does not come into decision making on issues like this.

On October 1st, the CIA declassified three hundred documents which related to the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995 during the Bill Clinton presidency.

Now let us look at what Bill Clinton said he was told by the European leaders. The same people so eager to free Iraqis and Afghanis did not want to lift a finger to save Muslim women and children being massacred in Bosnia because they feared an Islamic state in the middle of Europe.

He also noted that one of the problem for stopping the war in Bosnia was lack of “a unified policy” among Western powers.
“On the ninth, in my first meeting with French President François Mitterrand, he made it clear to me that, although he had sent five thousand French troops to Bosnia as part of a UN humanitarian force to deliver aid and contain the violence, he was more sympathetic to the Serbs than I was, and less willing to see a Muslim-led unified Bosnia.”

Clinton adds one more factor — “some European leaders were not eager to have a Muslim state in the heart of the Balkans, fearing it might become a base for exporting extremism, a result that their neglect made more, not less, likely.”

The death of thousands of Muslims was preferable to European leaders than seeing a unified Muslims led Bosnian State.

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