Eid Message

Dr Abdul Karim SaeedDear Sisters and Brothers,
Assalaam-o-Alaikum Wa Rakhmatullahi Wa Barakaato Hoo.

Eid is an occasion for giving thanks to Almighty Allah for providing us, yet again, an opportunity to follow faithfully His injunctions. In doing so, we try to develop a special bond with our Creator.
In Ramadan, the month of fasting and prayers, we carry on a Jihad, that is, a struggle to overcome and subjugate our worldly desires and to nourish our spiritual self. It is an ongoing strife throughout the year but our chances of overcoming the forces of evil are greatly enhanced when we make a conscious effort to submit ourselves totally to the Will of God. Perfect Guidance for doing this is provided to us in the Holy Qur’an, which was revealed in this Blessed Month. Only by following, in letter and spirit, the dictates of this Holy Book can we vanquish our greatest internal enemy – the temptations and distractions which lie concealed within ourselves. The exercise of persevering for a whole month with hunger and thirst; spending long hours in praying to Allah and abstaining from all kinds of wrongdoing and sins, prepares us thoroughly for facing this great challenge. The further we move away from worldly temptations, the closer we get to Allah. This close bond with Almighty Allah should not be loosened with the passing of Ramadan. In fact the following year should see us strengthened with special relationship with God which has evolved during this month. This is a big challenge but not for people who persevere and are steadfast in their love and submission to Allah.
Let us all resolve on this blessed day of Eid ul Fitr to maintain the closeness with Allah and not let it slip in the days ahead. We will not let our supplications
of Ramadan be an exercise in futility. If we succeed then our Jihad against our inner enemy is won and we have moved forward in our struggle to keep the soul alive and flourishing. This would be the real reason to celebrate as we would have achieved an “everlasting happiness” the literal meaning of Eid.
I pray that this Eid brings joy to the whole world and Allah protects all nations and faiths during these trying times of trials and tribulations for humanity. Aameen!

I wish you all a very Happy Eid ul Fitr.

Professor Dr. Abdul Karim Saeed

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