Did Jesus die in Kashmir?

Jesus in India

Was Kashmir the last destination of Christ?

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, was asked if Jesus neither died on the Cross nor was bodily raised to heavens while still alive what happened to him?

He carried out much research and eventually wrote a book called Jesus in India in which he theorised that Jesus travelled to Kashmir, carried on his preaching in that area and eventually died at the age of 125 and is buried there. This article below deals with these issues.

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  1. My first knowledge if Islam came to me through my friendship with Ahmadiyyas at my place of work. They were stunning co-workers whose example set many of us to explore Islam further. Of course the first step on our journey was to read ‘Jesus in India’. Through the years I have continued to read everything that came available on this topic. ‘The Fifth Gospel’-“Jesus Lived in India”- and the two latest research books, “Roza Bal” and “Jesus in Kashmir, The Lost Tomb.” I contacted the author to ask more questions about her interesting DNA of God Project, and how it will link to the Shroud of Turin. Some of her answers surprised me. She suggested that even the DNA of the founder of the Ahmadiyyas (through the surviving grandson) should be compared with the DNA from the tomb of Roza Bal. She speculates that because the founder of the Ahmadiyyas lived so close to the area where Jesus lived and had children, he could very well carry some of that holy prophet’s bloodline. This might hep explain a lot about the statements he made regarding prophethood. I can’t wait to see such science being completed in the futre, and it would go a long way to Ahmadiyyas gaining acceptance within mainstrean Islam. I am happy and excited for the future prospects of the Ahmadiyyas.

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