Dhimis are second class citizens

In response to the last khutba that Allah does not discriminate against anyone and this is an article of faith only in Islam, we have received a number of comments.

One gave the example of Dhimis saying that they are treated as second class citizens in Muslim countries. Here we show that my khutba was that Allah does not discriminate between human beings. That Muslims may fail even to aspire to the heights of moral and ethical behaviour is a separate debate.

In this khutba examples are given where for political and social reasons governments of the US and UK discriminate against their citizens for the same reason.

4 thoughts on “Dhimis are second class citizens

  1. At least one person understood the meaning of what was being said.

    I agree the, both in the West and Muslim countries, Islam is misrepresented for political reasons. Interestingly Western politicians support those Muslims who support an extremist view of Islam because they are greater in numbers. One member of the Parliament in UK, when invited to one of our conferences, said that he will lose thousands of non-Ahmadi Muslim votes if he appeared at our conference.

    So much for freedom and acting according to you conscious!

  2. The guys in the video must be banging his head against a brick wall, he made it SO CLEAR in his video and yet Pounce you still couldn’t understand the point!

    He is clearly talking about what ISLAM the religion says, just because some Muslims don’t correctly follow the teaching does not mean the teaching is at fault…..

    And also as he points out many Governments/Rulers at various points in history have made decisions which discriminate against various groups and yet people get their panties in a twist if an example can be found where it happened in an Islamic state.

    It seems to me that the main issue is that there is a concerted and systematic mis-teaching of Islam to uneducated people in the Middle East and Africa (and even in the West) and this needs to be stopped/corrected. Only that will help polish up the dulled gem that is the teachings of Islam.

    I watched the latest video post last night, and it says that the “leader” of the movement this blog subscribes to came about at a time when Islam was being down trodden. I think that someone like that is needed again for Islam…..

  3. Our friend has totally missed the point.

    First, we do not say that Muslims, especially where Muslims are in a majority actually live in accordance with teachings of Islam.

    Second, we have strongly condemned the persecution of minorities in many countries where Muslims are in a majority.

    Third, the point being made was in the context of Dhimis and that is that governments, whether or Muslims or non-Muslims, take decisions according to social and political conditions prevailing at the time. These may be unfair to certain sections (British Chinese in Hong Kong) but these steps have nothing to do with religious teaching.

    Fourth, our friend has not responded to various types of British nationality.

    Islam protects everyone but Muslims do not; that is a sad fact and an indictment of Muslims.

  4. What a very biased post from a member of the Ahmadiyya muslims community. In the Christian lands you disparage , you are free to follow your faith. In the Islamic lands you defend you are not only forbidden from following your faith, you are murdered in your 100s. In London a hate campaign from Sunni Muslims is in play.

    As for Slavery, as odious as it is, it has been banned in the UK (Yes that Uk you mention) since 1809. In Islamic lands Slavery is still common currency.

    Then there’s Hong Kong, the UK took in a large number of Hong Kong Citizens I know as the town i live in, is full of Hong Kong Chinese. But here’s a question where would 7 million Chinese fit in an already packed country.

    Your video is nothing more than a sham which promotes your bigoted view point as nothing more than a gripe.

    I did laugh when you came out with Islam protects all. As the facts on the ground show your branch of Islam doesn’t get much protection In Pakistan/Eygpt/Indonesia/Bangladesh etc..

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