Confronting Strangers During Conflict

Sanctity of human life in Islam can be judged from the fact that even at time of war when faced with a stranger who uses the Islamic salutation, assalamu alaikum, one must not harm such a person but accept him as a Muslim and then check the truthfulness of the claim.

The investigation should be honest and not be tempered by the temptations of worldly gain. When the Pakistan government initiated an investigation into the beliefs of the Ahmadis it was not a time of conflict and it was not an honest investigation. It was tempered with the desire of worldly gain.

In case of our jamaat Mr Bhutto initially did not want us to be declared kafirs as well as the Qadianis. However, he relented after he was told that by including us with the Qadiani jamaat he will only lose a few thousand votes.


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