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Dangers of having a Blasphemy Law

In response to the comments to articles about the position of women in Islam, only Lahori-Ahmadis replied and defended Islam. This is because in our organisation we openly discuss such matters whereas in other mosques it is a taboo and in Muslim majority countries forbidden by Blasphemy Laws. Audio: Video:


Florida Murders

In this short talk we compare the attitude of the early Muslim leaders with current political leadership. We show that the killings in Florida were cause because political leaders now do not have any principle but just fight for self interest. Audio: Video:


Jewish Mujadidds

Jewish Mujadidds! In 5:32 the Holy Quran says that it told the Israelites that killing of one person is equal to the killing of humanity. But this is not found in the Old Testament. We show where the Israelites were given this Command. Audio: Video:


The Rubber band effect

The rubber band is a mundane object used every day in our lives. However for it to fulfil the purpose for which it was made it has to be stretched and twisted. It then gets stronger and fulfils the purpose for which it was made. The Holy Quran elucidates to this precise point and has in place parameters which allow a human being to reach perfection [...]


Kitab Ul Bariyyah Part Three

We continue with the reading from the Promised Messiah’s book, Kitab al Bariyyah or My Exoneration. In the last extract it was shown there are three ways of finding the right path. First, ┬áDivine Guidance such as found in the Holy Quran. Second, rational argument and third, heavenly signs shown by selected persons who have Divine support. [...]


VE Day Celebrations

Last week was VE day which was celebrated with great pomp and ceremony. In this khutba we look at the Holy Quran’s teaching that persecution is worse than killing. It is shown that the treatment of Germany after the First World War, which may be regarded as being in line with mosaic law, led to such deprivation that it led to the rise [...]