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The Rubber band effect

The rubber band is a mundane object used every day in our lives. However for it to fulfil the purpose for which it was made it has to be stretched and twisted. It then gets stronger and fulfils the purpose for which it was made. The Holy Quran elucidates to this precise point and has in place parameters which allow a human being to reach perfection [...]


Kitab Ul Bariyyah Part Three

We continue with the reading from the Promised Messiah’s book, Kitab al Bariyyah or My Exoneration. In the last extract it was shown there are three ways of finding the right path. First, ┬áDivine Guidance such as found in the Holy Quran. Second, rational argument and third, heavenly signs shown by selected persons who have Divine support. [...]


VE Day Celebrations

Last week was VE day which was celebrated with great pomp and ceremony. In this khutba we look at the Holy Quran’s teaching that persecution is worse than killing. It is shown that the treatment of Germany after the First World War, which may be regarded as being in line with mosaic law, led to such deprivation that it led to the rise [...]


Kitab Ul Bariyyah Part Two

We continue on from our reading, last week, of the Promised Messiah’s book kitab-ul-Bariyyah (My Exoneration). In this section he discusses how we may find the right path. It is by reading the Holy Book. If that fails then by rational arguments and if even that fails then heavenly signs granted to the reformer of the age.


Faithful to the trust placed in us

The Holy Quran talks many times about being faithful to Allah and the Holy Prophet (s). Chapter 8 verse 27 and Chapter 23 verses 8 to 11 speak of believers being faithful to Allah, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) and to the trusts placed in us. In this khutba we look at what it means to being faithful to the trusts placed in us.


An extract from ‘Al Bariyya’

We continue our reading from The Promised Messiah’s books. Today we read from ‘Al Bariyya (My Exoneration)’ which is an account by the Promised Messiah of how Christian missionaries fabricated a charge of attempted murder against him and how his Muslim opponents supported the missionaries. He says that this was part of Allah’s [...]


Muslims should vote in the British General Elections

Some Muslims are distributing leaflets saying that Muslims should not take part in elections in the Western Countries. They say it amounts to committing shirk. They do not, however, produce any verse from the Holy Quran to support what they say. This khutba shows that, on the contrary, the Holy Quran gives clear instructions about who Muslims [...]


Muslims will never be united

The Holy Quran in chapter 3 verses 101 to 104 speaks of the need for the Muslims to be united together. However, when we look around we find that Muslims rather than be united are fighting each other. Tracing the history of current disputes from WWI to this day it is clear that Muslims have killed more Muslims than non-Muslims have.


Contradictions in the Holy Quran

Our Sunni brothers say that there are contradictory verses in the Holy Quran and these contradictions can only be removed by declaring some verses to have been abrogated. There is no authority or view about how many verses are abrogated or which verses they are. Some people have said that 512 verses of the Holy Quran are abrogated. Imam Sayyuti [...]