Where Did Jesus Go?

Many people ask if Jesus was taken down from the cross while still alive where did he go? Ahmadis say that Jesus had come to all the tribes of Israel and that most of them had left Palestine and moved to other countries so Jesus left to find them.

We say that he went to Afghanistan, Pakistan and then Kashmir. In this video we read out an extract by a research scholar about some Jewish texts recently found in Afghanistan.

Sunni turn to Lahore-Ahmadiyya beliefs again

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophesied that Sunni Muslims will gradually accept the teachings and interpretations of the Ahmadiyya Movement. And by this we mean the Ahmadiyya Movement of Lahore.

Last year, when the British parliament held hearings in political Islam, all the Muslim organisations, including the Jamaat i Islami and Akhwan ul Muslameen hid their real beliefs and took refuge in our beliefs to save their skins. A few days ago the same thing happened at the British parliament’s hearings into the Muslim law of divorce.

The Sunnis turned to the Lahore-Ahmadiyya teaching again and again and again, denouncing their own beliefs and practices as being un-Islamic.The Truth of the Promised Messiah Prevails again.

Joining the Sunnis’

Some non-Ahmadi Muslims say why don’t you join us and some Ahmadis agree with them. Here we look at what the Sunni have said about The Promised Messiah and ask this: If the same things were said about a member of your family by someone will you join them and pray behind them and bow and prostrate behind them. If not then why not?

Donald Trump’s Election

We look at some Quranic verses which talk about always doing the right thing. At some point in time it may seem that what you are doing does not matter but if it is something wrong then you can be sure that it will come back as punishment. This is why Ahmadis say hell and heaven start in this world.

Overcoming hardships

In this video Brother Yahya talks on the trials of overcoming hardships in life and how practising the knowledge given to us in the Holy Quran can give us the belief and the ability to come through what may seem like insurmountable obstacles in our lives.

The Life of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad passed away on the 26th May 1908. We look at his life and ask: What else was the Messiah and Mahdi promised to the Muslims going to do? Also, what Muslims were told by those who stayed behind after Uhud also applies to Ahmadis’.

Asad Shah’s murder

Asad Shah was a shopkeeper living in Glasgow, he was fatally stabbed on the night before Good Friday, the initial assumption was that this was a race hate crime and now the equally incorrect story is that he was murdered for being a member of the minority Qadiani sect.

In fact Asad Shah was a claimant to prophethood and the Qadiani jamaat had disowned him. The reason was that if their is a new prophet around, and the Qadianis believe prophets can continue to come, then the, so called, Qadiani khalifa of the prophet, is subservient to the prophet and therefore becomes irrelevant.

However, after Asad Shah’s murder he suddenly became their member. Why? Obviously, to gain publicity and for no other reason. We have received an email from a person in Glasgow asking the Qadiani officials to stop shedding crocodile tears about the death of this innocent person and we urge the Qadiani PR machine to stop using his death for publicity and propagation of their movement.