The Light Magazine – April 2010 Edition

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More insulting cartoons and more extremist reactions

Lars Vilks has followed in the footsteps of others in recent times of producing a cartoon which depicts the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a derogatory way. This had led to a predicable uproar from extremists, with numerous arrests of people who had directed death threats at Vilks.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophesied that three generations after he passed away, whether Muslim accept his claim to being the Promised Messiah or not, they will accept his interpretation of Islam.

This article shows that this is happening.
Insult and abuse of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is nothing new. It started when he made a claim to prophethood and continues till this day. So we don’t have to wonder how we should react to it, we have the Holy Prophet’s example to guide us. Continue reading

Is America really a secular state?

An interesting article was written on The Washington Post website recently.

It discusses the role of religion in US politics. In theory the US is a secular state and religion plays no part in the affairs of the state. In practice, Christians, especially the conservatives, use their numerical strength to ban ideas they do not approve of, particularly in school teaching.

You can read the original article here

Sunnis use Ahmadi research to defend the Holy Prophet

Ahmadis are condemned by Sunnis as non Muslims, they have been brutally murdered and abused in countries like Pakistan, and yet Sunnis use Ahmadi teachings and research to regularly defend Islam.

Sunnis believe that the Holy Prophet Muhammad married Hazrat Ayesha when she was six years of age.

This is frequently used by Christians to attack the Holy Prophet. Hazrat Maulana Muhammad was the first person to challenge this erroneous belief. Other Ahmadi scholars such as Mr Ghulam Nabi Muslim then furthered his research. The research was translated from Urdu into English by Mr Masud Akhtar Chaudry, an assistant imam of the UK jamaat and an editor of The Light, the organ of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.

Here is a link to a Sunni website which has taken this English translation to defend Islam.

Welcome to the True Islam, brothers.

So called Muslims “clerics” get it wrong again!

Recently I spotted a news article in the Express which was discussing how Muslims were no longer able to pray in their prayer hall in London’s City University as it had been closed due to an incident were four students were attacked outside the building.

The reason this made the news was that the Muslims had resorted to praying out in the street, and had rejected the use of a multi faith prayer room because the so called ‘Muslim clerics’ said that they could not worship in a room where other religions also prayed.

The clerics who say that Muslims cannot pray where followers of other religions have prayed are wrong. Continue reading

Islamic finance system ‘may benefit Guernsey’

A Guernsey investment expert believes the island could benefit from adopting an Islamic finance system.
The asset-based system avoids most speculative investment and borrowing. The bank and investors involved share the risks and rewards.

Toby Birch, from Birch Assets Ltd, said it was similar to a system adopted at the end of the Napoleonic war.

He said this system had proved very successful and led to the island’s low tax rates.

Mr Birch said it could work again for the island.

“If you just stand in the middle of St Peter Port, look at the town market, look at the dock, look at Elizabeth College, not a penny of interest was paid to build these things,” he said.

Article originally from the BBC