Christians being persecuted in Pakistan

It seems like an almost daily occurrence where we read a new article on the internet of an Islamic country mistreating its people.

Once again the plight of the Christians and Hindus of Pakistan has come to the fore, after the atrocities of the attacks on the Ahmadis.

We strongly condemn the treatment of Christians and Hindus in Pakistan. We believe every person has a right to hold and to propagate their religion.
Actions of Sunnis of Pakistan and the lack of official action to stop them does nothing but harm the image of Islam as the religion in which lies humanity’s salvation.

The article in the link below is an example of the kind of acts that all Muslims must come out and publicly condemn.

Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

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I never really cared for Ahmadis

And yes, Ahmadis are worse off in Pakistan than Christians and Hindus. We want to forcibly convert Christians and Hindus. But Ahmadis shouldn’t exist. Period.
The Express Tribune

Some decent Pakistanis are ashamed of the way minorities, especially Ahmadis, are treated in Pakistan, some stay quiet for fear of retribution, whilst a few use their positions in society to try and educate people.

Here is an article by the TV and radio anchor Fasi Zaka which laments the lack of respect and concern shown by the majority community for minorities living in Pakistan.

The Express Tribune article.

The Light Magazine – June 2010 Edition

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Qadiani meddling puts us all at risk!

Why are Ismailis not declared kafirs when their beliefs diverge from those of Sunni’s in a more fundamental way than those of Ahmadis?

The author, an ismaili, wonder why the constitution of Pakistan doesn’t declare Ismailis to be kafirs in this situation. He wonders whether it is because the Ismailis are rich and influential or if there is some other reason.

The Qadiani faction needs to read the article below and reflect on how their meddling in politics, calling others kafirs and the Promised Messiah a prophet has landed Ahmadis in this position.

Will they do so?

We doubt it because it is not in the interest of their khalifa and his henchmen to do so.

Half Muslims and Non Muslims

Niqab wearing women reply

We spotted this article in The Times newspaper in the UK.

It is a response from the “niqab-wearing” brigade and is well written and well argued.

It misses out one point, perhaps deliberately that the West cannot both argue that it gives everyone freedom to practice their religion as they choose and, at the same time, ban niqab etc in France and Belgium. As long as a woman is not forced to wear a niqab, it is up to her to decided what she wears.

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Muslims kill their own brothers

And so we bring shame upon ourselves once more.

In the breaking news on Friday, media outlets from around the world reported how Muslims had stormed two mosques in Pakistan armed with automatic machine guns and grenades.

These attacks took place during Friday prayers, in a co-ordinated attempt to murder as many of their fellow Muslims as possible.

Muslims killing Muslims under the veil of Islam.
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The Light Magazine – May 2010 Edition

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