Britons think more than 20% of the population is Muslim

Ipsos MORI, a leading market research company in the UK released a new survey which shows that British people think there are twice as many immigrants in the country than there really are, and four times as many Muslims.

As The Independent reports

The research, carried out by an online survey of approximately 1,000 people aged 16 to 64, reveals that as a nation we hugely overestimate certain numbers, believing that one in five people in the UK are Muslims (21 per cent) when the actual figure is five per cent (one in twenty). By contrast, we underestimate the number of Christians in Britain – believing that just 39 per cent identify with the religion, when the real figure is 59 per cent.

And when it comes to immigration – which was overestimated by all of the 14 countries surveyed, to some degree – we think that immigrants make up 24.4 per cent of the population, when in fact it is actually 13 per cent.

Damning results from this poll which shows just why the likes of the UKIP and Britain First have jumped on trashing Islam and Muslims to quickly bring themselves to the forefront of UK politics.

*Note – The Independent has decided to use a picture of a woman in a full face veil to depict Muslims in their online article. The editorial team, and writer of that article should be ashamed of pushing this blatantly inaccurate stereotype.

With the media seemingly so determined to make Muslims look so alien and out of place with these pictures, is it no wonder that attacks on Muslim women in the UK are at record levels?

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