Enlightenment and Islam

https://youtu.be/vDS0D6SLvuI In the video, embedded above, we look at verses 39:9 and 95:4, of the Holy Quran, to show that human beings were created to use their intellect and any nation which resorts to simple 'taqlid' (just following someone from the past) is going to intellectually degrade and fall behind others.

Misconceptions and Lies about Jinn

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP7aMgtnKDI In this speech Dr Jawad Ahmad looks at how people have abused, lied and twisted the actual meaning, and understanding of Jinn to benefit themselves. He recites from the Holy Quran and provides the proper meaning and context of the usage of Jinn as found in our holy book.

Can a non-Islamic government or court decide who is a Muslim?

https://youtu.be/Ddx9pCDZZ-s When, in the 1970s, Ahmadis approached the South Africa High Court seeking to protect their human rights and sought a declaration that they are Muslims, the Sunnis, after failing to have the case dismissed on technical legal reasons, withdrew from the case using the excuse that a non-Muslim court of government does not have … Continue reading Can a non-Islamic government or court decide who is a Muslim?

Man Recites Azan In Israeli Parliament

https://www.facebook.com/MTazUK/videos/10209437293183818/ The video embedded above shows conflict erupt in the Israel Parliament during an apparent debate, which was discussing the banning of loudspeakers at Mosques for calling of the Azan, this Palestinian member objected to the proposed bill by giving the Azan to much anger and shouting.