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The new ‘Ask The VM’ series is now up and running! The first question comes from Steveo_23 who asks

What is meant by the religion of Islam?

Islam is the name given to Guidance sent by Allah to mankind through the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The name of this Guidance is different from the name of the Prophet to whom it was sent. One reason is that Allah, Himself, says that the name of this religion is Islam. Some religions are named after their founders such as Christianity and Buddhism; others were named by the followers of that religion. But Allah says in the Holy Quran : “The religion with Allah is Islam.” (3:19)

Islam is not just a religious doctrine or dogma in the sense that people normally consider a religion to be. In Arabic, it is called “deen”. Although, this is generally translated as religion, the word deen has a broader scope. The best translation may be “the way of life”. Islam encompasses in its teachings everything about life from small details about an individual’s life such as how to clean one’s teeth to affairs of state such as rules of engagement in war.

The word Islam signifies peace. Firstly, peace between man and God and, secondly, peace between men. The primary significance of Islam is that this Guidance was sent to mankind so that nations submit to Allah and thus live in peace with each other.

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