Ask ‘The VM’: How is the Holy Quran different?

George from Ohio, America sent in a question last week asking

How is the Holy Quran different from other holy books?

A Muslim is required to believe that Allah sent His guidance to all nations. This guidance was in the form of revelation to prophets who appeared amongst the people inhabiting different parts of the globe. Their followers tried to learn and remember this guidance. None of the prophets made arrangements for the revelation they received to be written and preserved. Of course the fact that writing implements and the ability to read and write were not common made this task difficult.

Much of the Old Testament was committed to memory by Jewish rabbis. It is said that when it was decided to commit it to writing. 400 Rabbis wrote down what they had learnt. The text produced by each was compared and found to be the same. This took place several hundred years after the appearance of the Israelite prophets.

If we look at the titles of the books of the New Testament, we find that these books were not written by Jesus or at his time. These books were not even written by those who heard Jesus preach but those who came after. This is why their titles contain the words: “Gospel According to “. There was therefore considerable room for doubt about what Jesus may have said.

The Holy Quran is the only book which was compiled by the Prophet who received the revelation found in it. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) made arrangements for scribes to be close to him at all times. As soon as he received a revelation he would call a scribe and dictate the words to him and instruct him as to where in the Holy Quran the revelation is to be added.

At the time of the Holy Prophet’s death these writings were brought together so that all the revelations received by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) could be preserved in exactly the format in which it was complied by Him.

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