Armed forces Imam

Sunni Muslims have always vociferously denounced the Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, because he suggested that it was not an Islamic Jihad to fight the British army when they had control over India.

He made a clear and logical reasoning for his standpoint, but this did not stop the vicious attacks against him.

And now we here the news that a Sunni has been appointed an imam in the British armed forces. When interviewed he claimed that there is no conflict between being a Muslim and serving in the British Army. It follows therefore that there must be many Muslims in the British armed forces whose needs are to be catered for by such an appointment.

In the light of the continual Sunni attacks on the Promised Messiah, we have to wonder how our Sunni brothers can reconcile the appointment of Imam Asim Hafiz with their views.

Will Imam Asim Hafiz also be demonised and denounced?

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