Another MP jumps on the Burka bandwagon

Richard Drax, the newly elected Conservative MP for South Dorset has spoken out against the veil, worn by some Muslim women.

“Let’s face up to it, burkas should now be banned,” Mr Drax said in a column for the Daily Echo’s sister title, the Dorset Echo.

So much for the personal freedom that each individual in the West is supposed to have. We do not support the use of burka because we do not believe that it is required by Islam. Islam requires both men and women to behave modestly. The only additional requirement is for women “to throw their head-covering over their bosoms”. People in the West tell us that it is wrong to force a woman to wear the burka. Surely, it is just as wrong to force women not to wear the burka.

If Muslim women are banned from wearing the burka then we hope that Christian nuns will also be banned from wearing the full body-covering. I also eagerly await for Mr Drax to ask for a law banning baseball caps and hoodies, after all they have nothing to do with British culture. If that is not proposed then our conclusion can only be that it is a witch hunt against Islam and Muslims.

When Muslim talk of not drinking alcohol and eating pig’s flesh they are told that Islam interferes far too much in people’s personal freedom.

Are these MPs not doing the same thing? It would be better for these people to look at their own conduct before criticising Islam?

South Dorset MP wants Burka banned

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