An Open Letter to the Press: Jihad is coming

Dear Sir,

Please allow me to warn your readers about the impending declaration of jihad by Muslims on the 12th August 2010 at 4 a.m. At that time every able-bodied Muslim in the world is going to initiate open jihad wherever he lives. This state of jihad shall continue until 9th September 2010. The reason is that the Holy Quran Commands Muslims to do so. It says:

“O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard against evil. . . And those who find it extremely hard may affect redemption by feeding a poor person. So whoever does good spontaneously, it is better for them; and that you fast is better for you if you know.” (Ch 2, V 183-184)

The first thing this jihad will show non-Muslim friends is that Islam is not a new religion. It follows in a long line of great religions revealed by Allah for the guidance of mankind. Just as members of other religions were Commanded to keep fast, so are Muslims. Remnants of fasting remain within other religions. In Christianity there are the forty days of fasting before Lent. In Hinduism wives fast on special days and pray for their husband’s long life and prosperity. Islam, in words of Jesus Christ, came to fulfil the law, not to abrogate it but it had to be the law as it was revealed to the original prophets and not the law modified over time.

This jihad will also make people realise, to their surprise perhaps, that Islam does not teach blind belief. Islam is a rational and scientific religion. It explains to its adherents why they are Commanded to fast. Muslims are Commanded to fast because fasting helps them guard against evil. By giving up the taking of food and water, things which are lawful in the normal course of events and on which our very lives depend; we are reminding ourselves how important it is that we stay away from those things which are forbidden. But Islam does not want to make religion an unbearable burden upon its followers. Allah tells us in the Holy Quran that He does not want to impose upon us a burden we cannot bear. So, if we cannot fast we can make recompense by feeding a poor person. The reason for such recompense is obvious, as well. One of the purposes of fasting is to make the well-fed feel pangs of hunger which are the daily experience of the poor. So if a Muslim cannot experience the pain himself, he is required to relieve the pain of someone who experiences it regularly.

Islam is a great leveller of temporal differences of position, power, and wealth. All Islamic devotions sweep away these distinctions. During prayers the king and pauper stand shoulder to shoulder. During the Hajj, or pilgrimage, all go round the holy Kaaba together without distinction of rank or wealth; everyone clothed in the same simple white sheet. When fasting all Muslims are in the same boat. The mighty king with his kitchens, chefs and stores of food is just as helpless in the matter of eating and drinking during the month of Ramadan as a poor person who can hardly afford a square meal. Remove the trappings of this world and we are all the same is the lesson of all Islamic religious devotions.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) explained further the purpose of fasting in these words:

“He who does not give up uttering falsehood and acting according to it, Allah has no need of his giving up food and drink.”

This shows that fasting is about doing one’s best to become a better person; a more truthful, honest, kind and helpful person. It is not an exercise in slimming, beneficial though it may be. That we do not always achieve the ideal does not mean we should not aspire to it. The important thing is that even if we make a small change for the better in our character and habits, the change is permanent. Otherwise we will be like the student who keeps repeating the last year of his school without ever sitting GCSEs! If we keep trying we may, one day, get close to achieving the ideal.

This jihad puts the people of this country in great danger because if our Muslim brothers and sisters act upon the injunctions of the Holy Quran regarding fasting, both in letter and in spirit, they will see that Islam is not the blood thirsty religion it is portrayed to be.

Please warn your reader to beware that Muslims are about to launch a great jihad which will have a devastating impact upon the people of this country and make them realise that real jihad is not a bloody war against others but one against our own demons.

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