[Video] A Question to the Qadiani Jamaat

In a telephone question the Qadiani jamaat were asked if they believe the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) to be the LAST prophet. Their representative replied that the verse khatam un nabiyeen is a part of the Holy Quran and Qadianis believe in the whole Quran. They have complete faith in the verse Khatam un nabiyeen. However, what he failed to tell us was what these words mean. The Qadiani jamaat believes that the word khatam means the seal and the whole term means seal of the prophet. They go on to say that this means that new prophets will be made with the Holy Prophet’s “seal”. The rest of the Muslim world believes the opposite – that is that seal stands for last so the term means the last of the prophets. It can be seen that the Qadiani representative did not answer the question he was asked and tried to deceive the caller by side tracking the issue.


2 thoughts on “[Video] A Question to the Qadiani Jamaat

  1. The Holy Prophet (s) this verse means ‘la nabiyya baidi’ or ‘there is no prophet after me’. If this verse does not mean that the Holy Prophet is the last prophet I challenge the Qadiani jamaat to produce the verse which says the Holy Prophet (s) was the last law bearing prophet.

  2. Thank you for this! I was listening to friends from the Qadian jamaat and they said that its delusional to Say that HMGA was only referred to metaphorically as “nabi” and that it makes no sense and that it can only mean he was a subordinate prophet.

    I was thinking if there could be subordinate phrophets then why did Allah say “Seal of the prophet hood, which none can be after” and not “Seal of the prophet hood, which none can be after…unless he is subordinate and doesnt bring a new law.”

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