A Letter to President Obama

The White House email facility to write directly to the President was used to send the following to Mr Obama.

I was born in Pakistan and I am now settled in the United Kingdom. I am a Muslim by religion and I visit the USA at least once a year to see family or as a tourist. I promote Islam as a modern, liberal and peaceful religion.

Every time I visit the US I find an increase in anti-Islam and anti-Muslim feeling. It has now got to a point where I now find my relatives who are settled in the US are afraid of mentioning their religion in public. I’ve been told not to mention the “j” word in public.

I fully understand that it is your duty to protect your citizens but those afraid to mention their religion are also US citizens. I found it sad that during your election campaign you had to bend over backwards to show that your were not a Muslim.

I wonder how the founding fathers of America, who fought to separate religion from the government, would have reacted to your actions.

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