A Great Jihad is Coming

All able-bodied Muslims throughout the world commence a jihad on 6 June 2016 as Holy Quran Commanded:

O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard against evil. . . And those who find it extremely hard may affect redemption by feeding a poor person. So whoever does good spontaneously, it is better for them; and that you fast is better for you if you know.” (Ch 2, V 183-184)

Our non-Muslim friends will see from this that Islam is not a new religion. Allah sent prophets to all mankind for their guidance. Followers of all religions, including Muslims, are Commanded to keep fast. In Christianity, there is fasting before Lent. In Hinduism, on special days, wives fast and pray for their husbands. Islam, in words of Jesus, came to fulfil the law and so carries on with the tradition of fasting.

The Holy Quran tells Muslims to fast because fasting helps them guard against evil. By resisting normal desires on which our very lives depend; we remind ourselves how important it is to stay away from the forbidden. The jihad of fasting is spiritual training to make the well-fed feel pangs of hunger which are the daily experience of the poor. Fasting is not meant to be torment so the Holy Quran says that if we cannot fast we can make recompense by feeding a poor person. So, if a Muslim cannot experience the pain himself, he is required to relieve the pain of someone who experiences it regularly.

Islam levels all temporal differences whether of position, power or wealth. During salaat (prayers), the king and pauper stand shoulder to shoulder. During the Hajj, or pilgrimage, everyone goes round the holy Kaaba together without distinction, clothed in the same simple white sheet. When fasting, the mighty king is just as helpless in the matter of eating and drinking as a poor person without a square meal. Remove the trappings of this world and we are all the same is the lesson of all Islamic religious devotions.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad explained further the purpose of fasting in these words:

He who does not give up uttering falsehood and acting according to it, Allah has no need of his giving up food and drink.

So, fasting is doing one’s best to become a better person; a more truthful, honest, kind and helpful person and not an exercise in slimming. Let us aspire to the ideal even if we do not achieve it. Even if we make a small but permanent change for the better in our character and habits every year, it will make us better human being. Otherwise we will be like the student who keeps repeating GCSEs without moving to AS level! If we keep trying we may, one day, get close to achieving the ideal.

If our Muslim brothers and sisters conduct the jihad of acting upon the injunctions of the Holy Quran, both in letter and in spirit, people of this country will be in great danger because they will want to embrace Islam!

Please warn your readers to beware that Muslims are about to launch a great jihad which will have a devastating impact upon the people of this country and make them realise that real jihad is not a bloody war against others but one against our own demons.