100 Years of Propagation of Islam in the UK – 3 Days to go

We are only three days away from our three day convention celebrating one hundred years of Lahori Ahmadiyyah propagation of Islam in the UK.

The main event, on Saturday 4th May, which is being held to commemorate and celebrate the arrival of Hazrat Khawaja Kamal-ud-Din in the UK. A number of scholars will describe the history of how he wrested control of the Shahjehan Mosque in Woking from Dr Leitner’s son and brought it back to Muslim control. He created the Muslim Mission at the Mosque and from there defended Islam throughout the world, not just in the UK. Muslims as far as Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and South America benefited from his missionary work and defense of Islam against the attacks of Christian missionaries.

Don’t miss these interesting lectures and presentations. There will not be another such celebration for another 100 years.

We will be live broadcasting the whole day as usual for all the people around the world who will not be able to attend.

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