Live Friday Prayers – 31st October 2014

Today is Friday and we are once again broadcasting our Jummah Prayers live for those of you who are unable to attend a Mosque in person, and for our members who are spread across the World.

You can watch the Khutba and then follow along with the Jummah and individual prayers.

If you miss the live broadcast then you can always click on the link below at anytime and re-watch the full broadcast.

Click here to watch our LIVE BROADCAST

Our broadcast will start at the following local times:

    12.30pm United Kingdom
    13.30pm Germany
    17:30pm Pakistan
    08:30am USA New York
    05:30am USA Los Angeles

Do more people believe in aliens than God?

A new survey from OnePoll, the London based creative market research company, has found that more Britons believe that aliens exist than God does. reports that

A detailed study carried out among 1,500 adults and 500 kids, aged 8-12, found more than half of adults (51 per cent) believe in aliens, but only a quarter said the same of God.

The research showed that adults are in fact more likely to believe in ghosts, UFO’s and angels than God.

The poll found one in five Brits claim to have experienced the supernatural and one in ten reckon they have lived in a haunted house at some point in their lives.

And of the children polled, nearly two thirds felt aliens and ghosts existed, and half were confident that UFO’s were genuine the poll by Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, London found.

Conducted just as halloween is approaching this poll could be seen as nonsense, but this type of data does raise serious questions about how and why all religious institutions are failing people.

Adults believe in (according to the Ripley poll)

    1. Ghosts 55%
    2. Aliens 51%
    3. UFOs 42%
    4. Angels 27%
    5. God 25%

In a World where people heavily rely on science for answers to life and beyond, we are seeing people more willing to believe in aliens and ghosts than God.

We live in a new World where simply reciting text from religious books is not enough to bring people towards finding God. Religion is blamed for most of the ills in the World and we all need to find new ways to engage and bring people back to faith in one God.

Halal food testing kit might launch in the UK

Halal food in the UK has recently been a touchy subject, from news that some chicken sold as halal actually contained pork to the national media sensationalising reports that the UK public are being stealthily fed halal and kosher meat.

Now a start up company in France has launched a new food testing kit which will allow the general public to test their food to check if it contains pork.

As The Grocer reports

Halal Test, launched in France today (27 Oct) by French start-up Capital Biotech, uses immunochromatography – the same technology used for pregnancy tests – to detect traces of pork in food, cosmetics and medicines.

Co-founder Abderrahmane Chaoui said the portable test, which costs €6.90 each or €125 for a pack of 25, had already attracted “considerable interest” ahead of the launch, with several companies contacting him about distributing in the UK and further afield.

Halal Test is currently available only in France through traditional retail channels or online, however the UK was a “very interesting market” for the entrepreneur and his business partner Jean-Francois Julien “due to its large Muslim population”.

Whilst this is an interesting development and use of technology what this company, and many Muslims, fail to understand is that meat does not become halal simply because it was slaughtered in a certain way whilst a prayer is being said.

As we talked about in the past, the animal must be treated with respect and humanity throughout its life for it be considered halal and we do not need a testing kit to tell us that a £3 baby chicken sold in halal butchers fails that test badly.

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Germany celebrates 90 years of the Berlin Mosque

Berlin Mosque

The Berlin Mosque, known to many as the ‘mini Taj Mahal’, was the centre of celebrations over this weekend, as people from all over the World came together to celebrate the buildings 90th year.

More than 90 years ago a handful of people belonging to the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isaat islam based in Lahore in, then India but now Pakistan came together with a grand vision to build the first official Mosque in the centre of Europe. It’s aim was to preach that Islam is a peaceful religion and it does not need to be spread by force of arms but by the beauty of its teachings.

A special commemorative magazine has been put together which details the full history of the Mosque from its early inception to how it survived World War 2, and how women had a leading role in restoring the building to the beautiful building you see today.

Read or download the magazine here

The Power of Nature

The video above shows the stunning power of nature as intense winds actually force the water to push back up a waterfall in the Derbyshire Peak District in the UK.

Hikers stumbled upon this rare phenomenon as the high winds forced the 30m waterfall to push back up and into the river from where it came.