Education in Islam

Many Muslims, and non Muslims alike, claim that Islamic guidance dictates that Muslims only need to gain knowledge of their religion and nothing else matters. In this Khutba we look at that claim and examine not only what the Holy Prophet (s) told us to do, but what Muslims in the ‘golden age’ of Islam […]

Live Broadcast: March 2015 Community Meeting

Click here to watch the LIVE BROADCAST On the first Sunday of every month we open up the doors of our Mosque in Wembley for our ‘Community Meeting’. This is, as always, a gathering which is open to all people, Muslim or not, and is a chance for people to come along and join in […]

The oldest city in the World

The Guardian But it is the Middle East and the Fertile Crescent that is the most, well, fertile area for antique urbanity. Not that this makes the job of firmly planting a flag on the oldest city any easier. Cities in this region have not shouted their claims, or investigated them, or tried to trade […]

Muslims protest in London over cartoons

It has been reported that thousands of Muslims gathered near Downing Street to protest against cartoons which showed the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s). A leaflet issued by the Muslim Action forum (MAF), who organised the rally, said recent republishing of cartoons, caricatures and depictions of Muhammad by satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and other publishers is […]

Guilt by Association

Should Muslims personally apologise for the random actions of other people just because they say they are Muslims? Of course not. We have talked about this before, but now filmmaker Abdelkarim El-Fassi has taken things a step further in a new short video in which he makes young children apologise for terrorist attacks committed by […]