Live Friday Prayers – 25th April 2014

Today is Friday and we are once again broadcasting our Friday Prayers for those of you who are unable to attend a Mosque in person.

You can listen to the Khutba, given in English and Arabic, and then follow along with the Jummah prayers.

Today’s Khutba, from our Mosque in Wembley, will be given by Shahid Aziz, of the UK movement of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.

Our broadcast will start at the following local times:

1.00pm United Kingdom

17:00pm Pakistan

08:00am USA New York (times vary in different states in America)

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So, what did the Muslims do for the Jews?

Within a century of the death of Mohammad, in 632, Muslim armies had conquered almost the whole of the world where Jews lived, from Spain eastward across North Africa and the Middle East as far as the eastern frontier of Iran and beyond, almost all the Jews in the world were now ruled by Islam. This new situation transformed Jewish existence. Their fortunes changed in legal, demographic, social, religious, political, geographical, economic, linguistic and cultural terms – all for the better.

Wasserstein wrote in The Jewish Chronicle.

This is a statement by a Jew which shows that while in the West Jews were being persecuted, their culture and religion thrived in Muslim countries. It is sad that Islamic history regarding its tolerant treatment of the Jews is being distorted by Muslims themselves.

Muslims forget that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had a Jewish wife. When she complained to him that his other wives taunted her for being a Jew, he told her to tell them she is better than them because her father was Abraham, her brother was Aaron and her husband is Muhammad. From that beginning to the Second World War Muslims have protected the Jews; saving thousands in Morocco, Libya and even in France.

British Pathé releases 85,000 films on YouTube

Newsreel archive British Pathé has uploaded its entire collection of 85,000 historic films, in high resolution, to its YouTube channel. This unprecedented release of vintage news reports and cinemagazines is part of a drive to make the archive more accessible to viewers all over the world.

“Our hope is that everyone, everywhere who has a computer will see these films and enjoy them,” says Alastair White, General Manager of British Pathé. “This archive is a treasure trove unrivalled in historical and cultural significance that should never be forgotten. Uploading the films to YouTube seemed like the best way to make sure of that.”

The above is fantastic news for sites like ours and the Woking Muslim Mission website as we can finally watch and share, at no cost, stunning videos from when the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement ran the Woking Mosque in the UK.

Further videos can be seen here.

Original Source: British Pathe

Islam Conversion Issue

Yuvan Shankar Raja quits Twitter after being abused by his followers. The music director’s post on his decision to follow Islam has not gone well with a section of his fans. Their negative feedback has made the Illayaraaja’s son to bid goodbye to the social networking site. He had announced last Sunday (February 9) that he was following the Islam on Twitter. His statement had surprised many. While it did not have an impact on the majority of his fans, a section of followers opposed his decision ‘to convert to the Islam religion’. His faith and belief were questioned and was abused by them.

People accuse Islam of being an intolerant religion. They point to the poor treatment of those who convert to other religions from Islam and, rightly, deplore it. But, as the article below shows, when converts to Islam are subjected to harassment and threats there is usually silence and even agreement with those that are being intolerant and threatening.

Original Source: OneIndia

Easter – A Muslim perspective

In this lecture we look at the events surrounding Jesus being put on the cross in light of the Holy Quran’s verse which says that Jews and Christians do not know what happened to Jesus.

We show that if we look at what is said in the New Testament it can all be explained in a perfectly rational way to show that Jesus was put on the cross, taken down after a few hours in a coma, treated for his injuries, recovered and left Palestine in a disguise.

We do not have to resort to supernatural or paranormal to explain these events.

Qadianis forsake theirs and adopt Lahori beliefs

In newspaper advertisements last week the Qadiani jamaat placed full page advertisements giving their beliefs. In those advertisements they clearly said the Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a Reformer.

They did not mention their real beliefs that they believe him to be a Prophet and every person who recites the kalima but refuses to take an oath of allegiance on the hand of their khalifa is out of the fold of Islam.

In this video we will explain the real belief of the Qadiani Jamaat and provide evidence of what they are trying to hide from the mainstream.