Live Friday Prayers – 22nd August 2014

Today is Friday and we are once again broadcasting our Friday Prayers for those of you who are unable to attend a Mosque in person.

You can listen to the Khutba, given in English and Arabic, and then follow along with the Jummah prayers.

Today’s Khutba, from our Mosque in Wembley, will be given by our President Shahid Aziz, of the UK movement of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.

Our broadcast will start at the following local times:

1.00pm United Kingdom

17:00pm Pakistan

08:00am USA New York (times vary in different states in America)

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Partial Belief

The Holy Quran warns Muslims that they will be punished in this World

This is the third and final part of this series on being a Muslims.

In this speech we look at where the Holy Quran asks a rhetorical question of Muslims which is whether they ‘pick and choose from the Holy Quran what they believe in’. It then warns us that those who only believe in selected parts of the Holy Quran will be disgraced in this world and punished in the next.

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What does ‘believing in’ involve?

Is it enough just to say I am a Muslim?

The Holy Quran explains in detail what ‘believing in’ involves and what change Allah requires us to make to our lives. We must stop doubting in Allah’s Power and in the truth of what we believe in. And we must expend all our resources, wealth and even our lives in taking His message to the World.

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Fighting for your Food

Is the meaning of life food?

During the last week of fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan, brother Mustaq Ali takes his inspiration for his speech from Chapter 2, verse 183 of the Holy Quran.

He looks at why human beings act the way they do, what the Holy Quran tells us to do and asks, is it all just a race for food?

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The names of the children who have died in Gaza

See a bigger version of the picture here

The crimes being committed by Israel are the most horrific of many peoples lifetimes. There can be no doubt that Israel are targeting civilians and it is their policy to do so. The silence from the vast majority of the international community is shameful, including those so called Muslim nations.

Children are being allowed to be killed because Israel offers economic value to Western nations. It seems that Western Governments do not think that children’s lives are a price too high to pay for their economic stability.

This week in the UK people have been celebrating the heroes who lost their lives fighting for freedom and justice in World War One. We look back and say never again, but yet here we are watching children being ruthlessly killed by one of the most sophisticated militaries in the World.

Future generations will read about these events in history books and wonder how we let this happen.

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The Night of Majesty

Revealed during the last ten days of Ramadan, we look at its significance

In this speech one of our younger members of the Jamaat gives an overview of ‘The Night of Majesty’ and its significance for Muslims.

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