Holocaust and the Holy Qurans warning

On 27 January 1945 Auschwitz was finally liberated by Soviet troops. It still took the world more time to believe that humans could be so evil. This day is now remembered and commemorated as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Holy Quran which addresses the Jews and the Christians as “children of Israel” had warned […]

Sunnis turn to our interpretation of Islam and reform

For over one hundred years the Lahore Ahmadiyya have been saying that it is unlawful for a married man to simply say the word divorce three times consecutively to affect a divorce from his wife. Our Sunni brothers have consistently rejected our interpretation until a few days ago when the Pakistan Council for Islamic Ideology […]

Sunni Muslims need to look at their own beliefs

Allah changes a condition of a people when they change their own condition Our brother Sunni-Muslims (at a national and international level) are always complaining about the poor reputation they have in the World. But, as they saying goes, it is easy to blame others for their prejudices and very hard to look at ourselves. […]

Eric Pickles letter to the Muslim community

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary has sent the following letter to over a thousand Muslim community ‘leaders’. We strongly support the request from the Communities Secretary to these Muslim leaders asking them to denounce violence and to say that they are proud to be British and uphold and promote values such as democracy, freedom of […]